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Beamlock - The Oak Style Post and Beam Building System

Green Oak Styling

Green Oak Styling with Modern Materials


The ‘Beamlock System’ provides a traditional Oak Style look with the reduced cost that only modern technology production methods can bring.

Quick & Easy Building

Quick & Easy Building


Using a modular connection method the Beamlock System enables you to build quickly and easily with only 2 people and minimal DIY tools.

Benefits of Beamlock

Benefits of Beamlock

  • A high quality engineered system based on a traditional oak framed method of construction
  • Quick and easy to build (all components are numbered with comprehensive installation guide)
  • Timbers fit together perfectly every time
  • All fixings required included
  • No need for major structural foundation (can simply be built on 600 x 600mm concrete pads)
  • ‘No cuts required’ professionally prepared joints, ready to assemble
Beamlock for the Home

Beamlock for the Home


Using the high quality Beamlock modular system you can build a range of residential applications including:

  • Garages
  • Car Ports
  • Home Offices
  • Gazebos
  • Home Extensions
  • Porches, in fact just about anything.
Commercial Beamlock

Commercial Beamlock


Using the Beamlock system you can build a range of Commercial applications from temporary structures at trade shows and exhibitions to extensive storage and warehouse facilities.

Many, property developers have chosen Beamlock garages, Beamlock carports and outside covered areas as a fast and pleasing solution in their housing developments, easily satisfying local planning authorities.

An ingenious, modular system based upon the traditional oak bay framed method of construction

Building with Beamlock could not be easier. The 'Beamlock Solution' enables you to build quickly and easily, secure in the knowledge that the precision timber frame will connect together perfectly every time.

Beamlock Modular systems are "safe site" products, providing high-strength beams at easily managed lengths.

  • Pre-approved engineering (Std Design Kits Only)
  • Compliant to most recent Windcode B.S.6399
  • Compliant for 1/2 hour FIRE EXPOSURE B.S.476-21
  • Pre-treated Hazard Class 1.2.3a
  • Prepared joinery Quality Frame

Standard Garage & Car Port Kits

We have a range of Standard Garage and Carport Kits available in 3 different roof types - Gable End, Barn End and Hipped. Although the standard kit is for a 2 bay model, all of them can be increased by adding additional bay extensions. All can be purchased online here

Planning Drawings

Planning Drawings to support a Planning Application for our standard range of buildings are available:-

  • 28deg gable end garage or carport
  • 40deg hipped end garage or carport
  • 45deg gable end garage or carport
  • 45 deg barn end garage or carport

These can be purchased through our online store here

Design your Own

If you'd like to design your own structure, please send us a copy of your planning drawings or a simple dimensioned sketch and we can provide you with a FREE estimate.

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