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Beamlock Commercial Applications

Using the Beamlock system you can build a range of Commercial applications from temporary structures at trade shows and exhibitions to extensive storage and warehouse facilities.

Using the Beamlock system for commercial applications can have many advantages:

  • Beamlock is designed for easy self-assembly therefore only minimum skills are required to build the structure. No need for a qualified builder.
  • A Beamlock structure is fast and easy to erect, due to being designed for self-assembly
  • Very cost-effective – reduced labour costs due to fast erection times, plus only a minimium of two people is needed to build a Beamlock building as all materials have been designed to be manageable
  • Adds value to a property


Here are range of examples for Beamlock commercial applications:

Beamlock Covered Areas

Example Beamlock Covered Area

Beamlock Sun Shelter Example

Example Beamlock Sun Shelter

Beamlock Stables

Example Beamlock Stables

Garages and Stables

Example Beamlock Garage/Stable


Beamlock Commercial Car Ports

Example Beamlock Commercial Carports

Please do not be limited to these designs, as using the flexible Beamlock system you can create a building to your own exacting requirements. Please call one of Beamlock Technical Advisors for more information today.