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Beamlock Components

Beamlock Kits comprise of the following:

1. Beam Kit (2 x Beam Plates, 4 x Beam Plate fixings)

2. Post Kit

3. Post 2165mm (max eaves height 2.2m)

4. End Tension Plate

5. Brace

6. Base Plate

7. Beam (available in suitable lengths of 2628mm and 4968mm)

Beamlock Components Diagram


We have carefully selected post length and thought about beam dimensions to make sure that they are appropriate to fit with standard doors, windows, patio doors, garage doors, patio frames, garage frames etc. However, to guarantee a fit for every possible alternative you can cut the beam to your chosen length. All you need to do is cut the beam to your chosen length, and by using the templates supplied, router the appropriate grooves and chambers to fix the Beamlock beam connector.

It's as simple as that.


Beamlock components