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Beamlock Design Ideas

Beamlock Buildings look great, feel fantastic and suit any design

To understand more about what our Beamlock System is, how it works, its traditional Oak Frame origins, the benefits of it’s Glulam (glue-laminated timber) over Oak, how you can benefit from its modern adaptation of Post & Beam building systems, and more visit 'What is Beamlock?'

You can also get moe information on how Beamlock is engineered and the testing and approvals that it has undergone from our Technical Information page.

Two Easy Ways to Design Your Beamlock Building

There are two easy ways of designing with Beamlock: Simply either choose one of our popular great-value designs, or (and this is the best bit)...design your own! This section of our site offers a range of design ideas for inspiration to help you decide how best to build with Beamlock on your site.

Build Any Of These Structures With Beamlock

Beamlock Ideas

1. Double Garages

2. Gazebo

3. Trellis Gazebo

4. Home Office / Extensions

5. Porch

6. Lean To

7. Decking

8. Conservatory

9. Tempory Summer Marquee

10. Temporary Summer Dining Area

11. Annex Homes


Individual Bespoke Design Costs

Please remember that individual bespoke designs cost considerably more than pre-designed standard component kits. You will have to have them specially drawn by someone who understands construction, building regulations and how to select the right Beamlock parts to work with your design. Our Sister Company TimberTecs Eco Design can help with this.

Usual & Unusual – Large & Small

The Beamlock Building Company gets involved in many varied modular building projects, the most popular designs we are asked to supply are:

  • garage kits,
  • double garage kits,
  • car ports,
  • home extension kits,
  • home office kits,
  • balcony kits
  • and conservatory kits.

The Beamlock Modular System has endless possibilities however, allowing you to create a variety of structures such as workshops, outdoor covered areas, gazebos, teaching areas, stables and the like.

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