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Beamlock Residential Applications

Using the high quality Beamlock modular system you can build a range of residential applications including garages, car ports, home offices, gazebos, home extensions, annex homes, porches, in fact using this system you can build a just about anything.

This section will provide you with examples of uses for the flexible Beamlock system

Using the Beamlock system for residential applications has many advantages including:


  • Easy to build - Beamlock is designed for easy self-assembly therefore only minimum skills are required to build the structure. No need for a qualified builder.

  • Fast erection times - a Beamlock structure is fast and easy to erect, due to being designed for self-assembly

  • Very cost-effective – reduced labour costs due to fast erection times, plus only a minimum of two people is needed to build a Beamlock building as all materials have been designed to be manageable

  • A great investment - adds value to your property

  • Luxury finish - Beamlock structures when complete, become an eye-catching high quality structure

  • Extra storage space - adds that vital extra storage space you have been seeking for your home


Here are just a few examples of Beamlock residential applications:

Beamlock Garages

Example Beamlock Garages

Beamlock Carports

Example Beamlock Carports

Beamlock Home Office/Annex

Example Beamlock Home Office

Beamlock Garden Building

Example Beamlock Garden Building

Beamlock Extension

Example Beamlock Extension

Beamlock Conservatory

Example Beamlock Conservatory

Beamlock Barn Complex

Example Beamlock Barn Complex

Beamlock Balcony

Example Beamlock Balcony

Please do not be limited to these designs, as using the flexible Beamlock system you can create a building to your own exacting requirements. Please call one of our Beamlock Technical Advisors for more information today.