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Beamlock Technical Information

Whilst Beamlock has been designed for easy build, it is actually a very advanced, precision-engineered system. Each and every part of your Beamlock building has been designed, engineered and manufactured by Europe's leading steel and timber companies.

Our standard designs have been pre-engineered, calculations available. Bespoke designs may need re-engineering at an additional cost..

Beamlock Components

The technical articles within this section are available in brochure format, and have appeared in various trade magazines. They give guidelines to both professional builders and the less experienced DIY customer. Every year we deal with hundreds of calls about Beamlock - from professionals to home owners - consulting engineers to housewives - all looking for some advice and guidance. The Beamlock Building Company is fast-becoming the nation’s first port of call for information on this advanced timber frame technology.


Beamlock Structure

For easy access and quick-reference, we have decided to publish a lot of our technical advice on these pages. This section is not yet complete, so please contact us and request a Technical brochure if you cannot find the information you are looking for. Within these pages, we provide an easy-assembly guide, as well as foundation details and how to create external walls within your Beamlock building, just to mention a few.