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Architectural Quality Pays

Posted on February 20, 2011 by B. Green There have been 0 comments


The announcement that  the activities of the Design Council are to be merged with those of CABE from April Fool’s day 2011 should come as good news for everyone thinking of putting up a Beamlock Post & beam, green oak style extension.

Whether this be a garage, extra living space, gymnasium, home office, or whatever, the fact that good design is, in the future, likely to count for more, must be welcome news.

Local Focus

Paul Finch, the chair of CABE, emphasised the aim of encouraging good design at the local level, seeing architecture as a driver for competitive places and businesses.  Acting as advisor to Government on the built environment and business innovation design, it will aim to provide a single port of call from which local communities, government and associations can obtain assistance.

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