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NHBC Proposals

Posted on February 11, 2011 by B. Green There have been 0 comments

Accredited Contractors

Accredited Building Contractors Scheme

Experienced, Quality Builders

The National House Building Council (NHBC) is proposing to set up a register of independent approved contractors.

Termed the “Accredited Contractor Scheme”, they believe that establishing this will be a major step toward improving standards across the building industry.

Floods, Water & Drainage

Linked in part to the Government’s new Flood and Water Management Act (FWM Act), they believe it will help address the standards required, for instance in the creation and adoption of SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems).  They believe that such Accreditation could provide an alternative to ‘bonding’ for contractors.

Quality Building 

While this area of property development is particularly important for the House-Building Sector, we can see that such a scheme could have on going implications for the quality of building work that self-builders of our Beamlock and other timber building kits should demand of any sub-contractors that they engage to erect them. 

Consequently we support such a scheme and invite reputable builders, able to demonstrate their knowledge, experience and capability to register their details and availability for such work with us.

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