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Budget for Beamlock

Posted on March 28, 2011 by B. Green There have been 0 comments

Funny old world,, isn’t it?

A few months ago everyone was experiencing real difficulties with getting any form of planning permission.  Local Planning Authorities were sticking rigidly by their ‘rules’ and turning down anything that seemingly stepped a millimetre or so outside their prescribed guidelines.

Now, for the first time in around a generation,  everything is about to be up for grabs again

Planning for Growth

Stepping way outside his normal bailey wick, Chancellor George Osborne has now effectively directed other Ministries’ to reform the planning system.

Key to this is the recognition that ‘planning’ is essential to National Economic  Regeneration and Jobs – all, of course – of the ‘sustainable’ kind..

Garages to Workshops

Now these days most people leave their cars parked outside in the open.  When they decide they want a ‘garage’ this is often because they have a need to work on their own, or someone else’s vehicle undercover and to have their tools, equipment and materials secured.

So, if this reflects your situation, maybe you can overcome some, if not all, of your planning difficulties by labelling your plans as ‘Workshop’, or at least ‘Garage Workshop’.

You might still have objections from the neighbours, but if you can demonstrate economic – even job creation – reasons for your application, in theory you may find that you have the Government’s direction of ‘presumption in favour of approval’ causes your LPA to have to say ‘YES’.

Larger Units

What this also does, of course, is to cause anyone thinking of making such an application to consider a larger unit that can truly be used as a workshop . One where you can work all round the vehicle and maybe have proper workbenches besides.

Roof Rooms

Putting a room in the roof may also become an even more attractive feature.  Consider using this not only for storage, but maybe as an office, craft, studio or workroom,

Such thoughts raise all sorts of other considerations, like where to put the stairs, are toilets and drains required and so on.

But useful thoughts they may be, even so.


Depending on the area and location of your land you might even consider creating residential rooms in the roof.  If your garage workshop has a sufficiently large footprint ’it could be a really interesting proposition to help solve the UK’s housing crisis while at the same time lending an economic hand.

At the same time you would, of course, become a property investor.

Maybe using the Government’s other recent announcement to release publicly held land for development could in itself become a useful avenue for min-property development.

Beamlock is Best

In all of these scenarios the Beamlock Building System can, of course, provide an ideal solutions.

  • Highly regarded design.
  • Excellent Sustainability Credentials
  • Easy and fast to build.

What more can we say?.

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