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Lego Land Identikit Shapps

Posted on March 16, 2011 by B. Green There have been 0 comments

Boost for Beamlock        .             .             .           Beamlock Building System

Housing Minister Grant Shapps’ criticism that many new buildings created by architects and house builders are like little “Indentikit Lego Land Boxes”, can only be good news for Beamlock Buildings.

Offering the ability to create ‘Green Oak’ look alike structures they can significantly alter and add to the character of most existing homes, offices and similar structures.

Quick & Easy

Not only does Beamlock’s uniquely modular system make it fairly easy to design new buildings, extensions and additions, it is also really straightforward to put up.

Most competent DIY’ers soon find that they can slot the components together quite rapidly.  The adjustable post mounts also make levelling up the structure very simple and fast to accomplish.

Beautiful Beamlock

Grant Shapp’s, local planning authorities, architects, surveyors and builders across the UK  should take a look at how the Beamlock Building Company can lend rapid support to his call for design improvement.

We are definitely out to help Beautify Britain.

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