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More Money Available

Posted on March 5, 2011 by B. Green There have been 0 comments

Beamlock Buildigs beat green oak on cost and ease of buildig

Beamlock is Best

The B of E Says So

According to the Bank of England, £1.5 billion more was lent to individual people in January than the average over the previous six months.

Loans secured against homes also rose £1.8 billion –v- £0.5 billion, and 33,498 re-mortgages were granted than the average for the previous 6 months.

Meanwhile, consumers are busy repaying loans, clocking up nearly a third of a billion pounds in January, an increase of £0.1 billion over the previous 6 months average.

Strike While the Iron’s Hot

So, with a trend for more loans to be available for a range of things, now has to be a good time to tap-up your Bank Manager or Building Society for that low cost additional loan to build your new Beamlock garage, car port, home office, or other house extension.

Do It Now …

… before prices rise.  With timber prices already having increased, and global shortages creating the prospect of more price rise to come, now would certainly be a good time for you to get on with your delayed projects.

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