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Building Assembly Instructions

How to Assemble your Beamlock Kit

Stage 1


Assemble first pair of posts:

A, Lay two posts on flat surface and fix beam by hammering pin into post connection, locking the beamplate into the cruciform. Place the ‘goal’ posts vertically in the setting out positions and temporally support (with e.g scaffold board)

B, Check that the post tops are horizontal using a spirit level and straight edge or other means. All post tops must be at the same level. Establish desired eaves height by adjusting base plates.

Beamlock Assembly Stage 1 

Stage 2


Lower beam into position and fix by hammering fixing pin (apply grease to al pins for ease of insertion/removal) to post connection. Place top plate into position before any further pins are inserted. Continue by tapping pins through top plate into appropriate position.

 Beamlock Assembly Stage 2

Stage 3


Fix the end plates by using fixing pins to connect to the post cruciform. Secure top plate with two 100mm wood screws.

Recommended – Fix preservative treated 47 x 100mm wall plates flush to the outer edge of the beam.

 Beamlock Assembly Stage 3

Stage 4


Offer up brace into mortises and fix with Beamlock 12mm brace pins (apply grease to all nail pegs and pins for ease of insertion/removal)

 Beamlock Assembly Stage 4

Stage 5


The height-adjustable Beamlock base plate is an integral part of the Beamlock Building System and must be fixed to a suitable base (e.g concrete or brickwork). The fixing of each column base plate should be according to the following:

·Resistance to vertical uplift should be greater than 5.5kN

·Resistance to horizontal shear should be greater than 3.5kN

·The above are working loads and should be factored according to the manufacturer’s recommendations

·Chemical fix anchor bolts M10 to an appropriate depth should be provided to all holes in the column base plate and fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to resist the required loading

·Ensuring a suitable foundation and pull our capacity of the substance should be the contractor’s responsibility.

Surface Mounted
B Below Surface

Beamlock Assembly Stage 5