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Oak Style Pool Cover - Typical Design

The Beamlock system can be used for a many different applications. Using a carport or garage design you can create a luxury, indoor or outdoor, green oak style pool cover.

It really is that easy! The Beamlock garage or carport becomes a pool cover kit.

Just remember, the Beamlock system has a maximum span of 4.94m, but can go as far in length as you wish. So as long as your pool is 4.9m or less in width you can use the Beamlock system for your pool cover.


Carport Extension


Indoor or Outdoor Oak Frame Style Pool Covers - you decide

The Beamlock system gives you real flexibilty. You can choose to simply cover your pool and have an open structure. Or if you'd prefer, you can clad the walls and create a luxury indoor pool area.

With the British weather, having an indoor pool means you enjoy it all year round and be the envy of all your neighbours. Alternatively you could can enclose a bay at one end and create separate changing rooms.

Why use Beamlock for your timber frame pool house cover enclosure?

  • All advantages of green oak but at half the price
  • Impressive luxury finish
  • Flexible options - create separate changing rooms
  • Supply your own roofing material - to match with your house
  • Stronger than oak mortise and tenon system
  • Durable system
  • Prices start from just £4,269.00
  • Installation service available or DIY
  • Unique time saving design - all key components are pre-cut and ready to fit


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