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Beamlock Post Sections

 Beamlock Post System Diagram 1  Beamlock Post System Diagram 2

Structural Beam To Post Framing Requirements


The Beamlock System has been designed to comply with the most recent wind code (BS6399). We highlight a variety of framing solutions that are all pre-approved within limitations assessed by BRE Certification/BRE Limited and therefore do not require further structural justification providing the Beamlock System is used, thus saving professional fees and also enabling you to plan a project quickly.


To assess whether the geographical position of the proposed building has a wind speed, which will comply with our structural pre-approved certification.


Fitting Sequence (plan view)

Beamlock Post System Diagram 3

Beamlock Post System Diagram 4

Braces are essential on all independent posts where neither studwork nor sheathing are present.