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Beamlock Timber - Stronger than Oak !


All timber is supplied in accordance with the Pan European Scheme; the Beamlock System is produced using Pinus Sylvestrus (10,800 – 13,000 bending per N/mm², comparison Oak 10,500 – 14,500 bending N/mm²).


It is made up using lamellas of pine laminated together, thus providing incredible strength (see “Stronger Than Oak Mortise and Tenon System”).

  1. Timber sections are dried in a climate-controlled kiln.
  2. The lamellas are then laminated together for form a single solid beam using high frequency hot press.
  3. The beams are planed to section to achieve a tolerance of +/- 1mm.
  4. The finished components are then treated to Hazard Class 3a using Vacsol Aqua double vacuum pressure impregnated preservative.

This manufacturing process ensures that all Beamlock timber components are of the highest quality, avoiding all the typical problems such as shrinkage, splitting and variation in size, normally associated with timber sections of these dimensions.

All external timbers must be coated with a proprietary brand of wood preserver, stain or paint within 6 months of installation to avoid UV light degradation of the treatment.

Colour and Finish

The timber colour is unaffected by the Vacsol Aqua treatment process, which leaves complete individual choice as to how the finished project can be decorated.


Preservative Treatment of Timber

All Beamlock timber has been treated with Vascol double vacuum treatment, the most effective and environmentally sensitive treatment on the market with an anticipated service life of 60 years in hazard Class 1 and 2 applications. Cutting of the timber on site is unavoidable. This will expose untreated timber and it is imperative that crosscut, notches and bored holes be liberally swabbed with Vacsele End Grain Preservative.


Vacsol Aqua

Vacsol Aqua is approved to standards and specifications of Building regulations of England and Wales and Building Standards Scotland and the NHBC for many different applications of complies with the following standards: C1-10 BWPDA, BS5707 (1997), BS5589 (1989), BS5268 Part 5 (1989) BS1186 (1986) BS5502, BS6566 Part 7.

The design life is for 60 years in Hazard Class 1 and 2.
The design life is for 30 years in Hazard Class 3a.


Vacsol Aqua Logo

The following table is based on the Hazard Classes as defined in the British and European Standards.


Biological Hazard Classes

Hazard Class


Principle Biological Agency

Typical Service Situation



Above ground, covered. Permanently dry. Permanently <18% moisture content.


Internal with no risk of wetting nor condensation

All timbers in normal pitched roofs except tiling battens and valley gutter members. Floor boards, architraves, internal joinery and skirtings. All timbers in upper solid external walls.


Above ground, covered. Occasionally >20% moisture content

Fungi Insects

Internal with risk of wetting or condensation

Tiling battens frame timbers in timber frame houses; timber in pitched roofs with high condensation risk, timbers in flat roofs, ground floor joists, sole plates (above dpc), timber joists in upper floors built into external walls.


Above ground, not covered. Exposed to frequent wetting. Often >20% moisture content


A - External, above damp proof course (dpc) - coated

B - External, above damp proof course (dpc) - uncoated

External joinery including roof soffits and fascias, bargeboards etc, cladding, valley guttering timbers, fence rails, gates, fence boards etc, deck boards, agricultural timbers not in soil/manure contact.


Stronger Than Oak

Mortise and Tenon System

The Beamlock Pine System has had extensive structural testing at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Centre. To establish a fair comparison to mortise and tenon oak timber framing currently available from specialist companies, we decided to do an identical test.

The results are shown in the graph. This is all achieved by using the intelligent Beamlock connection system, a number of sophisticated, modern methods – from laminating timber in Finland to computer programming for cutting accurate timber sizes. The final result is a remarkably strong simple, yet architecturally attractive system.

 Beamlock Official Test Results